In the past few years, commercial mortgage has grown in India. People are now moreover looking for commercial mortgage loans instead of other options. A commercial mortgage loan is a type of loan secured by a commercial property. It can be anything like shops, office building or a warehouse.

In life we can come across many circumstances where we may need money on a very urgent basis. This is the time, when commercial mortgage loans come into picture. These loans are the best when you need some funds urgently. You can take a commercial mortgage for any expenses like your child’s marriage, medical emergencies, sending your child abroad for studies or anything which may come as an emergency.

We at JMD Home Loans, help you to get a better understanding of how commercial loan mortgages work. Our documentation process is the easiest in Mumbai and provides the best interest rates.

So if you have an idle sitting commercial property, get its value through a mortgage. The best part of this type of loan is that you can mortgage land plots too. It is not necessary that the property you are mortgaging should be developed or fully constructed.

The amount you might get in this type of loan can be anything around 40% to 60% of the market value of the property. When you apply for a commercial mortgage loan with us, we offer you maximum benefits. A mortgage loan allows you to have possession of your property within the loan.

The eligibility criteria for a commercial mortgage loan depends upon the borrower’s regular income, his debt obligations, cost of the property being mortgaged and the track record of repayment of credit card bills and other loans if any.

Some key features you can get with us are:

• Doorstep service

• Attractive interest rates

• Easy documentation

• Speedy loan approvals

• Flexible repayment options

• Existing balance transfer

A commercial mortgage has an interest rate of around 12% to 15% and the tenure can go up to 15 years. Contact us to know more.