Everyone knows that there is an accurate list of documents which are required when you apply for a loan. And when it comes to a mortgage loan, you need to be a little more careful regarding all the documents that are necessary to apply for a mortgage loan in Mumbai. As the rules for different countries vary regarding the application procedures, in India, the list of documents required to apply for a mortgage loan are as follows;

1) Photo Identity Proof – You can either present your passport, pan card, voters ID card or driving license for a photo identity proof.

2) Residence Address Proof – You can submit any one from Passports, Ration Cards, and utility bills for proving your address of residence.

3) Residence Ownership Proof – Proving the ownership is a critical thing when it comes to mortgaging one of your properties. You can conveniently prove the ownership of your property by submitting property documents, maintenance bill, and/or electricity bill.

4) Income Proof – You need to provide salary slips of last three months and Form 16. These documents will be enough for you to show your income and capability of repaying the loan amount.

5) Job Continuity Proof – The documents required to prove the job continuity are your current employment certificate, current job appointment letter if it has been more than two years and experience certificate which also includes your previous job certificate or appointment and relieving letter.

6) Bank Statement – You will also need to submit bank statement which shows that your salary is being credited for the past one year. This helps the mortgage loan providers to know the authenticity of your employment.

7) Property Documents – For a mortgage loan, you can provide either of these;

- Copy of agreement executed / Sales deed

- Latest maintenance bill

- Share certificate

- List of documents if you already have a loan.

With the help of this list, you can be ready with all the documents required while approaching a bank or mortgage loan providers in Mumbai.