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Home Loans

Planning to buy your dream home? JMD can offer you the financial solutions you need. We are one of the leading home loan providers in Mumbai, helping people realize their dream of owning a house. We can guide you through the entire process of applying for a home loan in Mumbai. Our specialists have the required skills and expertise to assist you in procuring a housing loan.

We have tie-ups with some of the leading financial institutions in India, helping you get the lowest home loan interest rates in Mumbai. JMD is also an Associate Channel Partner with more than 10 national, multi-national and non-banking organizations, offering you a chance to pick a bank of your choice under one roof. Our tie-ups not only help you get a home loan in Mumbai at competitive interest rates but also guarantee you quick completion of the loan application procedure.

From start to finish, our aim is to make the process of availing a home loan against property or home loan in Mumbai as easy as possible, without any hidden charges. We strive to offer personalized services to our customers. If you wish to apply for a home loan in Mumbai, we can send our well-trained executive to your home or office to explain you the requirements.

We offer doorstep services which means, you don’t have to visit different home loan providers in Mumbai in order to get a loan at a good rate. Our representative will not only help you understand the loan requirements and collect documentation but also assist you in filling the application form. We start with understanding your home loan or home loan against property requirements in order to address your needs with the best solution.


You can apply anytime after you have decided to purchase or build a property, even if the property has not been identified or the construction has not begun. Moreover, you can also apply for a loan even if you want to renovate or extend your home.

You need to contact a Housing Finance Company (HFC) with your latest salary slips and TDS Form 16 of the last two financial years and those of your co-applicant, if any. After studying the documents and your details the loan officer will informally tell you the loan amount you are eligible for and the terms of the same. You need to submit the application form along with the required documents. On receiving the application form, the HFC reviews it, asks questions wherever necessary and conveys its decision to the applicant. You are advised to visit more than one company since you are likely to get better terms/ larger loan amount if you shop for the best deal.

There are various home loans available:

  • Home Purchase Loans:
    This is the basic home loan for acquiring a new home.

  • Home Improvement Loans:
    These loans are given for implementing repair works and renovations in a home that has already been purchased by you.

  • Home Construction Loans:
    This loan is available for the construction of a new home.

  • Home Extension Loans:
    This is given for expanding or extending an existing home. For example addition of an extra room etc.

  • Home Conversion Loans:
    This is available for those who have financed the present home with a home loan and wish to purchase and move to another home for which some extra funds are required. Through a home conversion loan, the existing loan is transferred to the new home including the extra amount required, eliminating the need for pre-payment of the previous loan.

  • Land Purchase Loans:
    This loan is available for purchase of land for both home construction or investment purposes

  • Bridge Loans:
    Bridge Loans are designed for people who wish to sell the existing home and purchase another. The bridge loans helps finance the new home, until a buyer is found for the old home.

  • Balance Transfer Loans:
    Balance transfer loans help you to pay off an existing home loan and avail the option of a loan with a lower rate of interest.

  • Refinance Loans:
    This loan helps you pay off the debt you have incurred from private sources such as relatives and friends, for the purchase of your present home.

  • Stamp Duty Loans:
    This loan is sanctioned to pay the stamp duty amount that needs to be paid on the purchase of property.
  • Loans to NRIs: 
    This is tailored for the requirements of NRIs who wish to build or buy a home in India. EMI is the Equated Monthly Instalment payable till the loan is paid back in full. It consists of a portion of the interest as well as the principal.
    - Some of the incentives offered by lending institutions are : Some companies sanction the loan without requiring you to identify property as a pre-requisite for eligibility.
    - Free accident insurance
    - Discounts
    - Waiving of pre-payment penalty
    - Waiving of processing fee
    - Free property insurance